Intel also introduces new processors for laptop in Nitro laptop AN515-31

The notebook or laptop sector has already been at least three months with no changes in hardware except in price. That is, it has been swept away by NAND and DRAM price increases. But that silence will end on August 21 with the presentation of the Intel processors of the 8th generation. However, most of the rumors focus on the desktop computers. But we have great news for you that there will also be new processors for laptops.

Nitro laptop AN515-31 with new intel processor

One of the first will be the Core i7-8550U, in a Nitro laptop AN515-31 that Acer is preparing. The whole assembly will come with 20 GB of DDR4 RAM and GeForce graphics. Supposedly the processor is from new Intel family of processors. According to the author of the video below, the new processor is quad-core with multi thread.

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For example, the current Core i7-7560U is 2 cores with multi thread. And this would be the equivalent of Core i7-7700HQ. Also, the U series is 15 W TDP processors under general consumption. And for ultraportable laptops, it is not enough for an eight logical cores. It is true that it puts a base frequency of 1.8 GHz and a turbo of 1.99 GHz.

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They indicate that it would have a price of about 750 dollars, that by the characteristics seem improbable although not impossible the data of the processor.

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