Biostar USB Riser Motherboard comes with 104 USB ports for cryptomining

Biostar is taking a lot of popularity within the crypto currency mining. New motherboard launched from a well-known company, Biostar USB Riser Motherboard. And thanks to the solutions that they are offering since previous days. Many well-known companies have submitted various mining-oriented motherboards.

Biostar also thought of those who have a good number of graphics cards and need a USB extender to mount them in an open mining equipment and has shown the TB250-BTC PRO with eight PCIe cards with 13 USB ports each.

BIOSTAR VA47D5RV42 Mining, the new graphic card

In fact, we can find some of Biostar motherboards, such as the TB250-BTC PRO with twelve 1x PCIe slots. They are getting popular because these type of interfaces does not require a large bandwidth, at least for now.

Biostar USB Riser Motherboard, Each riser with 16 USB Ports

The company is also running on its USB riser, as you can see in the image above. Do not be fooled by the motherboard box, as the one you are using has three 1x PCIe slots in each row along with the yellow x16. Each riser would use three 1x PCIe slots, offering 13 USB ports each. That together with the unpublished motherboard featured in the photograph could serve 104 devices.

It seems that with this type of devices crypto mining will get hold. That is because it is affecting the supply of GPUs on all continents.

Biostar Mini-ITX AM4 X370 Motherboard For AMD Ryzen

That makes a total of 104 USB ports to the same board. What the cards do is to switch each of the USB to PCIe tracks so that they receive a minimum of bandwidth. If someone can afford to buy 104 graphics cards and power supplies and cables to power them, these Biostar USB Riser Motherboard adapters will be for them.


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