Destiny 2 will not allow applications like FRAPS, OBS or XSplit

Destiny 2 is one of the most foreseen games by many users. And this time the release debuted for PC is shown for the first time. After the successful passage on the first Destiny consoles. Activision is placing a lot of confidence in this game, which will come with some surprises in the PC version. Destiny 2 will not allow the use of Afterburner, EVGA Precision, FRAPS, OBS, etc.

Destiny 2 will not allow applications like FRAPS, OBS or XSplit

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It turns out that Destiny 2 will not be compatible with MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, FRAPS, OBS and XSplit applications. That allows real-time performance monitoring and capture. These applications are the most used by the 'gamers' to be able to notice the performance offered by a video game, capture images and video.

No cheat modes

Virtually all games are admitting the use of this type of third party applications, but this will not be the case of Destiny 2.


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In addition, according to the creators of Destiny, the measure was taken to prevent it from injecting or modifying the code in the game. So that would close many doors to cheaters. Apparently, the game will be very well monitored to prevent the use of exploits, and nothing will be part of the Blizzard App, which is the usual client of Blizzard games.

Destiny 2 no visual notifications

But the restrictions do not end there; they also comment that no visual notification of other applications such as Discord or Mumble will be allowed.
The only programs that are going to work with the game will be from the official Nvidia and AMD, such as ShadowPlay and ReLive.

Destiny 2 will debut on PC next October 24.

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