Dell Canvas vs Wacom Cintiq and surface studio, Better One?

New gadget for artists and graphics designers, Dell Canvas. The digital artists are in luck with this new gadget. The stylus has taken over tablets and convertibles, but also new and amazing desktop products such as Microsoft Surface Studio.

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These two developments have left a new competitor. Now we came up with the Dell Canvas. Dell canvas is a 27-inch touch screen with massive frames (with much intention). That allows artists and creators to take advantage of this second screen as a pillar of their creative process.

Dell Canvas Draw and create in a big way

The Dell Canvas (the specific product name is KV2718D) is a 27-inch screen surrounded by massive frames. That is precisely made to support arms that do not interfere with that drawing process and thus more efficient and ergonomic. At the bottom, there is a small system that allows tilting that "tapestry" 10 degrees to have an even more comfortable drawing posture. And there is an optional stand (expensive, that is, costs 499 $) that allows increasing that inclination until 80 degrees.

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The screen offers a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and has multi touch support of 20 points. It includes both a pencil and the so-called Dell totem. It is an external inspired in the Microsoft Surface Dial. With which it is possible to interact with menus of various creative applications while drawing with the other hand.


Dell Canvas Less Price

The fundamental difference with the striking Microsoft Surface Studio is the price. The Microsoft machine starts at 3,000 $ while the Dell display comes at 1,800 $. That's right: it does not integrate a PC on the screen as it does the Surface Studio. But if you already had a PC or laptop to work with, the Dell Canvas can be an excellent choice for your digital creations.


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