HP Z VR Backpack A wearable powerful portable PC for virtual reality

New VR product HP Z VR Backpack. HP has introduced new features within the framework of the SIGGRAPH conference to define and complete its commitment to virtual reality. The first of them is a new type of device that we had already seen previously in brands like MSI. That is the HP Z VR Backpack, a portable desktop PC.

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HP Z VR Backpack, a high-performance PC

It is built to create and enjoy the VR experience as you've never done it. This new PC covers a series of needs that the market demands.

HP Z VR Backpack Security is an important point

It is prepared for day to day and adaptable for scenarios of all types of users with beautiful design, works silently with high performance. Also, Hp makes it resistant to shock, breakage and overheating, etc. Also, the HP Z VR Backpack achieves very impressive milestones.

HP Z VR Backpack A wearable powerful portable PC for virtual reality

In a rather thin body with a careful design offers outstanding performance in the most commonly used applications. In this innovation, HP has taken care of every detail, and the backpack provides a comfort for all types of a back. Finally, the dock is imperative for developers who will make this portable computer into a tower to work.

HP Z VR Backpack, specifications

If we go into the entrails of this device, we will encounter a beast with all the new law. The HP Z VR Backpack mounts an Intel Core i7 pro processor and a Nvidia P5200 graphics card with 16 GB of video memory. It also includes remote device management, TPM 2.0 hardware and the most advanced edition of Windows, Windows 10 Pro.

Compatibility, price, and availability

The HP Z VR Backpack is also compatible with all the high-end HMD VR devices currently on the market. Along with this, a full range of input and output ports are provided to connect all the necessary peripherals. Therefore we are faced with an entirely complete device. That is not only prepared for the creators of VR content, but also for those who want to enjoy it.

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Its availability will start in the month of September with a price that will go from 3,299€ for the lowest model. And it is noticeable that we are facing a premium terminal.


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