ThermoReal Makes You Feel Physical Pain, 4 to 40 Degree Heat for Virtual Reality Environment

Hotness, Coldness, Humidity, now pain comes to the virtual reality by using ThermoReal. Devices like ThermoReal one day will lead us to have a full fledge real time environment of the virtual world.

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ThermoReal Makes You Feel Physical Pain, 4 to 40 Degree Heat for Virtual Reality Environment

How to feel physical pain in Virtual Reality? The VR can achieve a sense of pain with total immersion. The novelty becomes true especially if we use controls in each hand that gives us the ability to take objects in real life and reproduces that hardware in the VR experience.

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We can make virtual reality interactive by just these simple additions. But the startup TEGway has gone further. They have designed a gadget that "drastically increases" that immersion with real sensation feeling of virtual reality. How? There are various dimensions for use. Considering a few are: allowing us to feel elements like intense heat, almost icy cold and even a prick of pain in our body.


ThermoReal, how is Pain produced in virtual reality?

ThermoReal is a thermoelectric device that gets unveiled by a staff of the Institute of Advanced Science and Technology of Korea. This gadget ThermoReal can set the temperature of 4 degrees up to 40 degrees as per the virtual reality immersion experience. Which instantly allows us to feel cold or hot when in a VR experience. That is you can have the snow experience or can hold a flaming sword in your hand.

In fact, the device is even able to create heat and cold simultaneously in different areas. That is reproducing the sensation of both on the skin give us a pinch, so that can make us feel pain.

Thermoelectric devices heat and cooling limits

How does this technology work? The company uses flexible thermoelectric devices that can convert body temperature into electrical energy. The electric currents can also be sent to the instrument, allowing you to cool it instantly or to the contrary, heat it up to 40º.

Undoubtedly ThermoReal is an attractive technology and full of possibilities. Although the element of pain, that is the features which will not be something that application creators want to get in their programs.

What if you can imagine the ThermoReal technology applied to the game Call of Duty. Also, there are numerous areas in which yu can use this technology with many possibilities.


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