Quick Charge 4+ Technology By Qualcomm is 30% More Efficient

Technology is getting advanced day by day. So is the case with the introduction of Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ technology. What's new in Quick Charge 4+ technology? Qualcomm announces the next step in its fast charging technology. Qualcomm announced an update to its own Quick Charge 4+ technology. This technology is the new version of the company's Quick Charge 4 technology. The plus sign is that it will have a faster, less heated and more efficient charging experience on the same chipset.

Quick Charge 4+ Technology

Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4 technology introduced for Snapdragon 835. That is the latest high-end model processor in the company's market. Quick Charge4+ technology brings more innovation to users. Three main developments with this technology are Dual Charge, Intelligent Thermal Balancing, and Advanced Safety Features.

Quick Charge 4+ Technology Dual Charge

This feature was also available in earlier versions of Quick Charge 4 technology. But now it is much stronger in Quick Charge4+ technology. With this technology, a second integrated circuit is added to the device for power management. This circuit divides the charge current into two paths. So this works at the specific time when the device is getting warmer and this activates for getting the charging time shorter.

Quick Charge 4+ Technology Intelligent Thermal Balancing

This technology, which is added with Quick Charge4+ technology. It is developed to help Dual Charge technology. As we said above, Quick Charge 4+ technology will make the device less warm. Intelligent Thermal Balancing technology takes the charge current to the coldest possible path. In addition, this technology has been developed so that it can achieve fast charging autonomously.

Advanced Safety Features in Quick Charge 4+ Technology

This feature has built-in security protocols inside the device. These protocols constantly monitor both the housing and the connector temperatures for detection of overheating. Scenarios such as short circuiting in overheated conditions or damage to the Type-C connector is detected at this point.

According to a test on a battery with a capacity of 2750 mAh, QuickCharge 4+ technology is 3% cooler, 15% faster and 30% more efficient than previous technology. Moreover, Quick Charge 4+ technology supports the same Snapdragon 835 chipset.

However, this is not a software update, but a hardware update. That is why manufacturers must make changes to their equipment to add their mobile gadgets to their Quick Charge 4+ logos.

The only phone currently supporting Quick Charge 4+ technology is the newly announced ZTE Nubia Z17. The device's battery capacity is 3200 mAh and it is the first device to carry the QC4 + logos. So Nubia Z17 has become the first 'smartphone' to incorporate Qualcomm's new Quick Charge 4+ Rapid Charging Technology. So that is a version that improves to the standard and gives it 15% more load speed and 30% more of battery efficiency.

The first device that includes Quick Charge 4+, that is Nubia Z17 is also announced this week. This smartphone complements this technology with a battery of 3,200 milliamps. And a Snapdragon 835 'chip' with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of physical memory. The phone incorporates a dual camera of 23 and 12 megapixels and has an FHD monitor without the frame of 5.5 inches.

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