Enermax presents the two new chassis GraceFun and GraceMesh

Enermax launches two new Chasis models. These are Gracemesh and GraceFun. See full specifications of both of these. Today the company have introduced two new ATX chassis called GraceFun and GraceMesh from its Grace series chassis. Both chassis are very similar to each other. Also they have a side door tempered glass of 4mm. And are optimized for different scenarios of gaming needs.


Enermax GraceFun Silent Gaming

The new Enermax GraceFun chassis features a main board area for ATX with heat sinks up to 156mm. And there is a support for multiple GPUs up to 390mm. Also the power supply is hidden along with two 2.5 "or 3" or 5 " in a separate lower area where we will have space to install power supplies up to 160mm.

In the front we have an external bay of 5.25 ". While the I / O panel incorporates a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 and the usual HD audio jack. In the interior we have three spaces to place units of 2.5" completely vertically and multitude of holes that allow us to order the cables cleanly.

Ventilation lies in the new Enermax GraceFun by two 120mm fans in the front and rear side. This chassis can hold up to 2, 120mm fans in the front, one 120mm in the rear, two 120mm in the lower area and two 120mm in the top, which also gives us the same options for liquid cooling.

Enermax GraceMesh Airflow Chassis

The new Enermax GraceMesh arrives in three colors, red, blue and black options. So that changes the LED lights of the two front 120mm fans that are already installed next to a fan of 120mm rear without lights. And in the black model these will arrive without lighting LED.

The GraceMesh looks a lot like the GraceFun except for the front and the top. Since the front panel have a grid instead of a flat design. And the I/O connectivity is improved by adding an additional USB 3.0. And thanks to this box model, its grille allows a greater flow of air inside the chassis and also allows the installation of an additional external unit of 5.25 ".

These new Enermax chassis come at a price of:

  • GraceFun 59.90 €
  • GraceMesh (Black) 59.90 €
  • New GraceMesh (Red) 64.90 €
  • GraceMesh (Blue) 64.90 €
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