Install Kodi v18 64-bit for Windows Operating System With Extra Stability

Today, we are happy to bring you news from the Kodi official blog. Announcing Kodi v18 64-bit for windows operating system. Now install Kodi v18 64-bit on any OS from Microsoft. After years of customer feedback, rumors that the celebrated by media center also embraced full support for 64-bit architecture on Windows. But now the team has officially announced that it is ready to go a long way. So starting with the new version 18 'Leia'. He we will show how to Install Kodi v18 64-bit on windows. Already the insaller is available free on manufacturer website.

Install Kodi v18 64-bit

Among all the programs to watch movies and drama series and soccer on the Internet , Kodi especially highlights. This multimedia player that is open sourceis the one that is continuously gaining relevance over the years. Also with a few addons you can configure Kodi to view content totally free of legal form.

However, not everything is so easy. Although it is a free program for Windows and other operating systems. But for years it has suffered from the absence of a 64-bit version of its Windows application. For Linux, MacOS and Android it was available as independent program. But this was not the case for the Microsoft OS. Now the developers have made official the launch of this most demanded version.

Video Tutorial install Kodi v18  64-bit for Windows

Now you can download and install Kodi v18 64-bit for Windows operating system. The wait may have been worth it, since this architecture allows to handle more amount of information in a more fluid way. The immediate effect that you will have is considerable improvement in the fluidity and stability of the application. This the quality of program that users of this program already enjoy in Linux and Android.

Kodi v18 64-bit Stable Version?

The 64-bit version for Windows platform is already available for download from the official site. However, we specify that it is still a nightly version, that is in development mode and not yet fully stable. So if you want to be sure of having a stable and fulfilling use experience, we strongly advise you to wait a bit longer and stay with the stable version of 17.3 Krypton (still 32-bit).

The Code team also clarifies this aspect, admitting that at least since 2012 users were heavily interested in supporting 64 bit architecture. However, it was absolutely necessary to completely clean up the code of the program. That is its code was born on the first Xbox, then with a world-related code Microsoft.

Kodi v18 64-bit under code name Leia

As anticipated, Kodi v18 64-bit 'Leia' is available as a development version for the Windows platform only and in the form of an installer. Currently UWP Universal Windows App, which can be downloaded directly from the Store. So that will probably come in 64 bit version only when the v18 is released. All versions for Windows are still under construction.

It is just a matter of time that the team of developers of this program Kodi v18 64-bit provides it with the key. But it is not so easy, as you can read in the official statement published on its website.

Its popularity is due to several reasons. The first one is that it is a multiplatform program with version for desktop computers and mobile devices. Also there are possibilities of personalization by all types of plugins. In addition especially those that allow to see drama series, films and free soccer by Internet with Kodi in a illegal form in Kodi v18 64-bit. So this is something that has provoked the angry answer of the authorities of several countries.

However, developers are unaware of the fraudulent use of the program. The addons and extensions are developed by third parties and are beyond the control of the equipment behind the program itself.

Download Kodi V 18 on official Page

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