Intel Compute Card A Computer With the Size of a Credit Card for IoT

Another new product information revealed in Computex 2017. That is Intel Compute Card that was first presented at CES 2017. Intel has long passed the business of mobile phones and now is delighted to participate in anything small that carries processors. Normal, but it will cost him to get his head on this for Intel Compute Card.

The last thing that has been brewing is the Intel Compute Card , presented in the past CES with the size of a credit card.

Intel Compute Card

So small and offers connectivity, memory and process power for Intel Compute Card. And that is the idea that Intel Compute Card will serve as the brain of other gadgets. Such as screens, refrigerators or security systems. In short, very related to the Internet of things.

Possibly the idea of Intel Compute Card will not explode until 2018, that is when it should substitute the catalog the well-known Compute Sticks.

So what brings us to Computex 2017 today is the presentation of the product to the market. Since it is going on sale in the summer with the association of some important partners: Dell, HP, Sharp, LG or Lenovo that support the idea of ​​Intel for Intel Compute Card.

LG wants Intel Compute Card for your monitors

The most interesting application comes from LG. In addition the Korean company wants to use Compute Cards as the brain of monitors. And in this way make them all-in-one computers in an affordable and almost transparent way.

According to Intel, Compute Card is the thinnest PC to date, 5 millimeters thick. Other interesting destinations that are put on the table are slates or tablets without process unit. Of course, it gives courage to be in an event like Computex. And to say that the "cards" will be ready in August , and that none of the partners has anything interesting to show us.

We remind you that the card has a full dimensions of 94.5x55x5 millimeters. In this Computex Intel has taken to detail the four possible versions :

Screen Shot 2017 05 30 At 1 20 55 Pm
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