How to configure WhatsApp to save battery and data

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications day by day by the majority of users next to Facebook. Being so used, today we are going to teach you how to configure WhatsApp to save battery and data.


WhatsApp can become, in some moments, an ordeal for many users. This is because they realize that in the day they spend almost the entire battery of their mobile as well as most of their data in the month rate. So we are going to explain why you spend so much data and battery. So we will give you Some tips to decrease the consumption of WhatsApp battery in your mobile.

Data consumption and battery of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a really simple application, which does not have to spend much battery on any mobile. But we have to realize that the majority of users who uses the mobile all the time while using Facebook or whats-app. So we have optimal settings through which you can minimize battery consumption of your mobile even using whats app all the day.


We have to realize that it is an application that is constantly running in the background. And that, even if it is programmed and prepared to spend the lowest possible battery in the background, it does. The subject of the data is the same. The application itself does not consume much data. But it does consume all the traffic we have throughout the day, ie all the photographs that are constantly downloaded, videos, pictures that we send, GIFs ..

Save battery in WhatsApp with backup, download and other

The first thing that we are going to say about how to save battery and data in WhatsApp is the subject of downloading files, that is photographs as videos. For this, you have to go to the internal configuration of the application. And check there is no download in this section. And in case you want to save data you also do not have to download anything automatically, either by WiFi or on Data. So only what We choose, and thus, save more battery. To do this, follow these steps:

  • WhatsApp Settings
  • Use of data
  • In the "Automatic Download" section, it is necessary to make sure that no files are downloaded either in "Connected to mobile data", "Connected to WiFi" or "In data roaming"

Another section by WhatsApp that spends so much battery. That is the theme that is being used all the time in the background. For this, we can block the application from any layer of customization. So in the battery section, it is best to turn off notifications:

  • WhatsApp Settings
  • Notifications
  • Select no notification to sound or vibrate

Finally, we will see the subject of the automatic backup in the mobile. What it will get benefit, that is to have a backup of your chats so that in case you change your mobile, you do not miss any conversations. To do this, you have to activate that, either it is not saved backup, or it is only done via WiFi :

  • WhatsApp Settings
  • Chats
  • Backup
  • Save, and select only WiFi

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