VR UniBlock Develops Uncompressed Low Latency Wireless Technology

The high-end wireless headset (HMD) is one of the next key breakthroughs in the virtual reality ( VR ) industry. And companies such as TPCast and VR UniBlock are creating solutions for this problem. VR Uniblock is a company dedicated to creating a common hardware platform that uses only off-the-shelf components (no additional custom components). As well as algorithms that can quickly transfer any data without affecting resolution or latency. Or it has option to decompress data, and low latency wireless video transmission technology.


With VR UniBlock Low Latency to 1ms

VR UniBlock developed the wireless technology. That is the first technology which uses the 60 GHz WiHD / WiGig protocol (the system shows a delay of 3 ms). And then through the ASIC hardware which reduces the delay to 1 ms. It has a tracking range of up to 50 feet (15 meters). And can support multiple user synchronization tracking functions (4K / 120Hz / 36Gytes / 1 second).

With the launch of the concept of wireless head. So this year has emerged a variety of wireless systems and prototypes, IMR, STEM, Nitero, TPCast, VIVE wireless matching is particularly prominent. And in the end which wireless system can really let the real public feel "value for money". So we will continue to track the report.

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