Omnipulse Tactile Reconstruction with Rubber Using Air At Cornell University Institute

Omnipulse Tactile Reconstruction using air and rubber. Institute of Cornell University The Cornell University Organic Robotics Lab has developed a prototype of a feedback technology. That is "Omnipulse" that uses haptic feedback of VR.


"Omnipulse" to reproduce haptics with air

New VR sense technology "Omnipulse" developed by The Cornell University Organic Robotics Lab of Cornell University in the United States is a feedback technique that reproduces tactile sense in VR using air. This new technology can also help to fee sense of biological pressures. That is the company calls it organic pressures.

The surface of "Omnipulse" is rubber. So depending on the motion inside the VR, air is squeezed from the inner tube. So reproducing the tactile sense when shooting a gun or grasping a hammer.

Ultrahaptics in the United Kingdom is also developing an ultrasound-based feedback technology. Along with the Tactical Haptics they intend to develop technology to reproduce the tactile sense by moving the movable part on the handle of the controller.

The new technology is still in the prototype stage. But we can expect that, with this technology to reproduce tactile sense with air this will cost very low. So we can expect that after the launching of this new prototype many new gadgets will adopt this technology to enhance their immersive experience.

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