StoreDot Charging your mobile in 5 minutes in next year

StoreDot rapid charge super charging, 100 percent battery charging in just 5 Minutes. Rapid charging has been one of the latest revolutions in the mobile phone industry . More and more smartphones offer systems with this type. Which allow users to enjoy their terminal more time without needing to stay 2 or 3 hours connected to the power grid.

StoreDot Charging your mobile in 5 minutes in next year

StoreDot Charging your mobile in 5 minutes in next year

However, these fastest charging systems still have much room for improvement. So it is true that the speed of loading achieved by some technologies is really advanced. And it is an aspect that should still improve with the passage of time.

And precisely that is the goal of StoreDot. That is an Israeli company that presented its plans to offer a system of fast charge able to fill the battery of our smartphone in 5 minutes during the past year 2015. As it is often the case with this type of technology, many of us expected to see them come true in the long run but it is not true for StoreDot. Despite these expectations we will soon see StoreDot rapid charge system. So the people of StoreDot have surprised us again, announcing that their technology will be ready next year.

Charging a smartphone in 5 minutes could be possible next year

As we are told from BBC , the director of this company have said that it is a new system that would go into production early next year 2018.

This revolutionary technology that makes use of nanomaterials. And they have already started to test by at least two Asian battery manufacturers. And its breakthrough in the market is foreseen for the middle or end of 2018 . Because at that time the production will begin in masses for these Batteries.

StoreDot rapid charge Competitors

In fact, this year is scheduled to premiere Quick Charge 4.0. That is Qualcomm's fast charging system/ As well as other solutions such as Meizu with Super mCharge . While the first promises 50% charge (2,750 mAh) in 15 minutes. And the second one precisely showed in the last edition of the Mobile World Congress that would be able to recharge 100% of a smartphone's battery in just 20 minutes.


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