MMO VR From Microsoft, the most addictive game ever?

MMO VR addiction, that is the new target of Microsoft. MMOs are known for pulling players for many hours. By some in these busy in virtual worlds spending most of the day. Apparently the virtual reality has us break away from the surrounding world. What if we combine MMO and VR? It is possible that the emergence of a game that will cost us almost completely. That's the title of plans to create the new entry by Microsoft.

MMO VR From Microsoft, the most addictive game ever?

MMO VR From Microsoft, the most addictive game ever?

Certainly a game created by Microsoft that will become a hot topic for all those who likes playing a moral evil. Created title has finally predisposition to cut players from the real world and it cut more effectively than any MMO game. It is possible that prepares really good production, which will contribute to the popularity of VR equipment.

MMO VR From Microsoft Supported Devices

The game probably will support Microsoft's new Windows Mixed Reality sets. Such as presented at this year's conference Build 2017 device from Acer and HP VR goggles to support Micrsoft mixed reaality . The title is to be multi-platform, most likely will hit the PC with Windows 10, and Xbox. And it is  also possible that the platform runs with the competition. There we get a really big world, which, thanks to VR can provide a more intense experience than other MMO worlds.

We do not know practically nothing more about Microsoft's new game. The company is currently looking for professionals who would conduct its creation. We doubt that the title will so quickly appeared. If you actually get developed world, its design will take time.

Microsoft saw great potential in VR. You can see it on the news they are introduced to Windows 10, previews of the new Xbox, as well as the release of Windows Mixed Reality sets. If the virtual reality in the coming years will gain significant popularity. Then it is very possible that it is because of Microsoft and its created MMO title.

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