World’s First Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker From Bourns

 Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker first time in industry. Bourns – the world’s leading supplier of electronic components manufacturing. Because today the company announces the industry’s first chip micro-circuit breaker (micro-thermal protection components). So introducing the world’s first battery protection solution.

Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker

Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker

Just like the Bourns new SA series of miniature circuit breaker, the new device components are also based on the reflow soldering method. So that reduces the supply chain steps and streamlines the manufacturing process of Chip Type Breaker.

Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker SA Series

  So the chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker components can control the current that exceeds the limit. In addition the instantly breaks the circuit through which the excessive current is passing. This works as a protection of lithium polymer and square battery over current or over temperature of the protection solution. The traditional miniature circuit breaker assembly is sold during the production process. But here the Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker Bourns SA series have a special design that it can be soldered directly on the circuit board, which saves battery manufacturers time and cost.

  Talking about the Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker SA miniature circuit breaker series, the maximum thickness is only 1.09mm. So that can provide 60 degrees Celsius from 6A to 11A current. In addition SA series of bimetallic mechanism is able to withstand the wet environment and provide high corrosion efficiency. So the above features plus surface mount design provide ideal protection solutions for laptops, desktop computers and smartphones, even for USB Type C cables, automotive heaters and power tools. So making Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker a perfect choice for creation of new hardware applications.

Features of Chip Type Miniature Circuit Breaker

1. Formerly a product
2. Miniature Thermal Cutoff (TCO) device
3. Surface mount
4. Over temperature and over current protection
for lithium polymer and prismatic cells

5. Controls abnormal, excessive current
6. virtually instantaneously, up to rated limits
7. Wide range of temperature options

Applications of Chip Type Circuit Breaker

Battery cell protection for:
Notebook PCs
Tablet PCs
Smart phones
USB cable protection for
smart phones

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