Yotaphone 3 Smartphone With Dual Screens and Android Nougat

Yotaphone 3 smartphone with dual screen and improved hardware specifications. The dual screen smart phones from Yotaphone are getting continuous attention of users worldwide. This time the team is behind on smartphone manufacturing with dual screen 2.

Yotaphone 3 Smartphone With Dual Screens and Android Nougat

Yotaphone 3 Smartphone With Dual Screens and Android Nougat

The news comes from Yotaphone official Instagram page. However the new smartphone  Yotaphone 3 is still under development phase. But company is planning to launch this new smart phone soon (Probably in summer of 2017) in the market.

Yotaphone 3 Smartphone Specifications

Today Russian startup Yotaphone on its official website releases a teaser of the upcoming device. Image shows a barely noticeable contour phone with lateral sides of the mirror. The only thing that we can see is it’s physical buttons on one side. Additional information on the website tells us that the pre-orders begin this summer, probably in June.

So, we have two whole months of waiting, before the official announcement of Yotaphone 3. Among the major improvements it will have more effective hardware platform. Incorporating with two displays with enhanced diagonal and an increased amount of RAM to flash memory.

This is not only good news from Yotaphone. Last week, the company also makes an announcement on its Facebook page that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Yotaphone 2 will soon be distributed to devices. If you have Yotaphone 2, then all you have to do is go to the “About phone” section in Settings and click “System Update.” If the update is already available for your smartphone, you can download it and upgrade. And we also hope that soon,  Yotaphone will launch an update Android Nougat for its devices.

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