Asus VG245Q New Monitor With FreeSync An Economic Choice For Gamers

Asus has announced its new VG245Q monitor. It is equipped with a 24-inch LED-TN panel. New Asus VG245Q supports Full HD resolution aimed for gamers. Asus VG245Q is the best option if you are looking for a fast monitor to play games but do not want to scratch your pocket too much.


What features lies in the Asus VG245Q, a gaming-oriented monitor? Talking about the specifications of new monitor, we will start talking about its response time. It has only 1 ms GtG as usual in TN panels. But we also have to talk about the new technology of Flicker Free (anti blinking).

Asus VG245Q Blue Light Control And Anti Flickering

Also there is a Low Blue Light in Asus VG245Q that allow users to be in front of the monitor for continuous long sessions of game without suffering so much weariness in sight. And of course there is a new feature that Asus has implemented In their Gaming monitors is the different profile settings optimized for the different types of game.

These profiles automatically and intelligently modify the color, brightness. And contrast settings to adapt the user’s visualization to the type of game which they are playing. These pre-configured profiles are Racing, RTS, RPG (Role Playing Game, The Witcher or Skyrim), FPS (First Person Shooter) and MOBA (DOTA, League of Legends, etc). This also works as well as in cinema mode and desktop mode.

Asus VG245Q

Asus VG245Q

Also, of course, the monitor is compatible with AMD’s FreeSync technology. Also it can operate at a frequency range of 40-75 Hz. So this frequency is not bad for considering the options on the market (from 48 to 72 Hz normally, or even at 48 Hz at 60 Hz in many cases). Describing its technical characteristics, the monitor has a dynamic contrast ratio of 10 million to 1. With a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m2 and viewing angles of 170/160 degrees (horizontal / vertical ).

Asus VG245Q Pricing Details

Finally, note that it has a base that allows modification in height, able to rotate and can even make inclination angles. So allowing users to put the monitor literally in any position you want. The new monitor also have a VESA anchorage that allows users to mount it on a mobile arm. In addition, as video inputs, it incorporates two HDMI 1.4a, a VGA and a DisplayPort 1.2a ( which also require to run FreeSync). And thanks to Asus for providing an ideal monitor both for use with PC and consoles.

The manufacturer has announced that it will be priced under $ 250. So keeping the price that is not very bad.

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