Qualcomm VRDK An Integrated VR Headset Which Does Not Need PC Or Smartphone

Qualcomm VRDK the all in one high end VR headset using Snapdragon 835 chipset. The world’s first VR head that does not need any PCs or smart phones. The first integrated type VR headsets will be introduced into the market in the second half of 2017 from Qualcomm.  This will enable high quality VR experiences just by wearing it.

Qualcomm VRDK An Integrated VR Headset

Qualcomm VRDK An Integrated VR Headset

QUALCOMM, a mobile chipset maker, provides a reference models for integrated VR headsets to manufacturers. This VR development kit has adopted the company’s latest mobile processor Snapdragon 835 designed to support not only mobile terminals but also VR.

“One-piece type” that enables a VR experience without cables more easily in Qualcomm VRDK

Currently, when you are experiencing VR, most VR head types are Oculus Rift and other VR heads require other PCs to connect to game consoles or needs a smartphones such as Gear VR. Especially for VR experiences through which you can walk or move your hands requires a connection with PC. So with the use of cables VR headset setting are also a troublesome. And the cables problem arises during game play .

In response to this VR cabling problem, two approaches are underway, one is to have an fully integrated VR headset and the second is to use wireless high-end VR headset.

Qualcomm VRDK manufacturer support program “HMD Accelerator Program”

In September 2016 Qualcomm released a prototype of the integrated VR headset . The company has since launched the program “HMD Accelerator Program” for quick commercialization. This program  Qualcomm VRDK provides the company’s innovative hardware as a reference model (reference model) and supports manufacturers making VR headsets. As a similar initiative, Intel similarly provides reference designs for integrated VR headset “Project Alloy” to manufacturers.

The program includes not only devices for samples but also supports platforms and content development kits related to chipsets, design files, etc.

High end reference model Qualcomm VRDK

The reference model Snapdragon 835 VR, the main source of the “HMD Accelerator Program”, is a headset that adopts Snapdragon 835.

This all-in-one headset features a six degrees of freedom in-out type position tracking with 90 Hz refresh rate. It also provides organic EL display with resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels with a viewing angle of 100 °. It has 4 GB RAM with eye tracking technology. Also there is a new model of Leap Motion integrated with this for providing hand tracking with the sensor.

Companies can use this VR development kit as a starting point for the company’s own VR headset development.  Qualcomm plans to distribute the VR development kit to content makers in the second quarter of 2017 . With the aim of revitalizing the ecosystem of Snapdragon 835 based VR headset development.

All-in-one type which concerns cost

While the smartphone wearable headset is restricted by the specifications of the smartphone. So with the all-in-one headset it has the advantage of being able to design optimized VR headset. On the other hand, one of the main concerns is cost. In order to realize a high-quality VR experience, it is necessary to incorporate hardware equivalent to a smartphone, which will require the same cost as a new smartphone.

Qualcomm and its partners have not made any announcement regarding final product price information.

High-end VR becomes easier

Besides Qualcomm, Intel is developing a reference model “Project Alloy” as a position tracking and hand tracking integrated VR headset.



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