Infrared Wi-Fi As Beam New Light Wi-Fi 100 Times Faster and Overload Free Network

Infrared Wi-Fi which uses harmless infrared light for very fast data transferring of about 42.8 Gb/s.

Infrared Wi-Fi As Beam New Light Wi-Fi 100 Times Faster and Overload Free Network

Infrared Wi-Fi As Beam New Light Wi-Fi 100 Times Faster and Overload Free Network

Slow Wi-Fi is a source of irritation that is felt by almost everyone while using internet on different devices. Wireless devices for application like facebook and whatsapp uses much more data. And this process continues to grow with need of more data and this burden the Wi-Fi network.

Solution is Infrared Wi-Fi Technology

Researchers from the Technical University of Eindhoven have found a surprising solution: a wireless network that is based on harmless infrared, reports from ScienceDaily. Its capacity is not only as huge as (over 40 Gbit/s using light), but also there is no need for sharing connection formation. This is because each device receives its own beam. This topic is presented from a university researcher Joanne Oh, who receives his doctorate degree with “honors” last week.

Infrared Wi-Fi Technology Source

The new Wi-Fi system comes from Eindhoven which is a quiet simple and inexpensive solution of internet sharing. Wireless data is recognize zed as bits while taking the form of  “light dishes” that is mounted on the ceiling of a room. Since there are no moving parts, no maintenance or external power source is required.

Here the antenna comprises a pair of bars that emit light beams with different wavelengths at different angles (passive diffraction gratings). While changing the wave length of the light changes and the direction of the beam. As a result while keeping the technology safe it uses infrared rays. Which do not reach the eye retina that makes the technology totally harmless.

Infrared Wi-Fi Technology Basics?

If you walk by a user and your smartphone or tablet which looses the internet coverage of Light antenna, then the connection will continue from another light dish. Network monitor continuously works for that purpose so that the exact location of each wireless device will returns to its radio.

While the inclusion of any device in the light network is also very easy. Here each device receives a different wavelength of light from antenna and do not require any sharing connection setup.

Infrared Wi-Fi Vs Current Wi-Fi Technology?

Another advantage of the system is that there is no interference of Wi-Fi network from  neighbor devices. The current Wi-Fi uses radio frequency from 2.5 to 5 gigahertz which will surely not interfere with infrared Wi-Fi system. While the infrared light system works with a wave length of about 1,500 nanometers or higher.

Which makes this light to have a frequency about thousands of times higher than current Wi-Fi technology. Joanne has achieved a transfer rate of 42.8 Gbit/s at a distance of 2.5 meters.

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