Superman A Man Machine Technical Singularity in 2029 Prophecy From Google Expert

The Google company expert Ray – Kuzweier have views about the future of human. He says that in 2029 human future will be the perfect combination of man-made “Superman” with artificial super intelligence. The human brain will gradually integrate with the computer system, so that people become more intelligent.
Superman A Man Machine Technical Singularity

Superman A Man Machine Technical Singularity

According to the British Daily Mail, at present, Google’s senior expert Ray – Kurzweier said that in the next 12 years we will have to face the “technical singularity”. That ultimately lands on making the mankind to become a Superman. It sounds a bit like a sci-fi movie story, but Google’s engineering director, Kurtwell, has published 147 prophecies since the 1990s, with a true prophecy of 86 percent.

What is artificial super intelligence or technical singularity?

Kuzwell pointed out that we live in a man-machine relationship era. The future is the co,bination of human brain and computer. Here the artificial intelligence computer system will be more intelligent than humans.

At present, these technologies are already getting a shape. Especially the current situation of people which completely gets involve in the use of mobile phones. So the next future of mobile communication technology is the combination of technology with the human brain.

Kurzweiler is a futurist person who has specialty in Google Machine Learning Program. Which predicts that this singularity technology will emerge in 2029. Technical singularity is the combination of carbon and silicon materials for artificial intelligence in human brain, forming a global consciousness of the body. He pointed out that the computer system in 2029 will reach the level of human intelligence.

Which means that the computer will have human intelligence, the computer systemwill get implantation in the brain. The information gets into to the cloud which will allow to expand the physiological limitations of mankind.

At present, man-machine combination is not just a future science fiction plot, has been accelerated to achieve. “The rapid development of computer technology makes us smarter,” says Kuzwell, connecting the computer system to the cerebral cortex, which will help us think more intelligently.

Superman Vs Robotics Future?

However, Kuzwell said he is surely not worried about the smart robots that they make a threat to mankind. But instead he thought that human brain implantation of the computer system would enhance human ability. He said, “We will get more cerebral cortex, become more humorous, in music perform more better, and become more sexy. The future is not a smart robot to replace humans, but man-machine synthesis to make human more powerful like a superman.”

Sci-fi movies already shows the human body in the form of nano-robot are already in scene for several decades. For example in the movie “Star Trek” they shows a micro-molecular robot that can repair the body damaged cells. So almost 10 years ago, the National Science Foundation predicted that in the 20th century, there will be a “network to enhance telepathy”. Consequently this is the technology that will put the human brain to the Internet.

In recent years, these technologies have been constantly upgrading. The emergence of hearing aids and other equipment. Then scientists have developed equipment to save human life, such as: pacemakers and hemodialysis machines. In the 2020s, we will nurture human organs in the laboratory. Even carry out gene surgery and “design baby”.

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