Nintendo Switch VR Head Device With Remote Controls Implementing Secret Patent Technology

Recently, a group of Nintendo Switch VR head shows pictures spread on the Internet. And looks like a mold, and even the box which now seems to be available at any time.

Nintendo Switch VR head

Nintendo Switch VR head exposure seems to be available at any time

Nintendo ‘s new host Switch has been on sale. Its host + handheld features are widely praised throughout the world game lovers. But in addition to this point, the joint VR function with the Nintendo switch is also a point of interest for the fans.

Nintendo Switch VR head Vs PSVR

That seem to be a point of concern about this problem. Recently, a group of Nintendo Switch VR head show pictures spread on the Internet, and looks like a mold, and even the box has, seems to be available at any time.

From the exposure of the picture, it will work with the switch VR principle and just like the general mobile VR. Also like the usual vr head devices the Switch will have its body and screen mount into the head. It will also have the use of two independent handle for game operation.

Nintendo Switch VR head Secret Patent Technology

At the same there is an exposure of the new simple design patent. That is now forms an alleged patent and still under pending condition. But for the sake of quality of picturing we should not take it serous. As this is the simple technology but of-course a very well demanded gadget.

So with this device you can have option to play games in VR head with Nintendo switch. In comparison with PSVR it is still a long way to compete with the quality and range of games that they provide. So in upcoming days you will have news of Nintendo switch VR headset.


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