LG TONE Studio Neck Wear Wireless Headset will Benefit You While Driving

Wireless Headphones LG TONE Studio in the upcoming week will launch their new product in the market.

The new wireless stereo headset LG TONE Studio

The new wireless stereo headset LG TONE Studio

The new product will go on sale in the Middle East at the end of the month. While in North America it will start in April. And in Asia and Latin America and Europe it will start its sale in May 2017.

Model LG TONE Studio has a special design, that is for wearing around the neck. Which embodies the most modern design interpretation of wireless headsets from LG. With mobile headset LG TONE Studio users get surround sound (3D-sound) while driving.

LG TONE Studio Better than Others?

LG TONE Studio (HBS-W120) – a new representative for the range of wireless portable audio devices LG TONE. Total sales of LG TONE Series devices since the announcement of this line in 2010 is almost 20 million units. The idea of creating LG TONE Studio is the result of consumer research. Which demonstrate the need for a personal audio device. That is the use of device which would not be isolated from external sounds.

In some countries, the use of soundproof headphones is prohibited in certain circumstances. Such as while driving or riding a bicycle. Soundproof headphones can also interfere with hearing of the doorbell. For example, when you are cooking in the kitchen. It is also designed for gamers, film fans and lovers of outdoor pursuits. The device LG TONE Studio ensures a high-quality 3D-sound, without isolating the user from the environment.

Four TONE Studio external speakers provide an incredibly rich surround sound. With the two major dynamic speakers that are placed just below the ears. And two additional speakers are on the bottom and vibrate at the collarbone level. LG has in close cooperation with experts in audio equipment.

Original Sound Quality

And works with the DTS format that has achieved a maximum sound quality headphones TONE Studio. With the built-in high-precision digital-to-analog converter it provides quality Hi-Fi sound. Which is as close as possible to the original sound quality. A Dual Play function allows two users to hear LG TONE Studio to share the pleasure of listening to a joint from one audio source.

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