Multi Data Box From Proface for High End Industrial Data Collection

Proface company releases the high-end model of the data collection device “Multi Data Box”.
Multi Data Box From Proface

Multi Data Box From Proface


That can effectively utilize the information of devices operating at the factory production site on March 13, 2017.
In 1989, this company announces the world’s first programmable display (HMI) and created the HMI market that connects with PLCs and various control equipment at the production site. Thanks to the creation of the HMI market, we can mow show sensor data in an easy manner.

Multi Data Box Specifications

And contributes to the efficiency of production sites that also realizes easy operation of the equipment. So in recent years, as the HMI flag ship model get advance in the IoT era. Proface releases the SP 5000 series which can connect to the office network and production site network securely.

Supported Protocols

The multi-data box which is a high-end model. That is basically a gateway terminal developed in response to the need to easily utilization of data of old and new equipment without any costly troublesome. It collects data by connecting with control equipment at the production site. And enables data distribution to the office PC using USB and Ethernet protocols.

The high-end model is a terminal that combines the box module of the SP5000 series with the double Ethernet and the DIN rail installation adapter. Thus realizing network segmentation of information system and control system. In addition, it can output to a large screen display with a single DVI cable. And can also supports the construction of a control system.

So talking about the SP 5000 series, which was added to the lineup as a high-end model of multi-data boxes. That allows you to choose the presence or absence of display according to the installation location and broadens the range of data utilization. And we will continue to contribute further activities to utilize large size data, which is a problem for companies that tackle digitization and IoT.

Based on the corporate slogan of “for the best interface”, Pro-face competes with Schneider Electric that aims to develop products which are the best interface that can be connected to industrial machines at various production sites.

Multi data box high-end model product features

  1. Double Ethernet suitable for network segmentation
  2. Utilize Windows applications
  3. Connectable with various devices such as PLC, temperature controller, inverter, robot, etc. without programming
  4. Combined with recommended software, it supports data sharing between devices without PC and monitoring on tablet
  5. With DVI interface, it is possible to output HMI screen to large monitor
  6. It can operate at 4 different protocols at the same time
  7. Protocol can be unified as a protocol converter
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