Mission ISS Oculus Launched Space VR Game for International Space Station Experience

Mission ISS, SAN FRANCISCO, March 13 news. Now even if not an astronauts, you can still “tour” space.

Mission ISS Oculus Launched Space VR Game

Mission ISS Oculus Launched Space VR Game

Mission ISS Oculus and NASA collaboration

The giant virtual reality business branch Oculus recently launched a new VR game for space technologies. In this game the user can explore the International Space Station in the game. Surely the visual effects and data is from the world reputed company NASA.

  Oculus said the “Mission:ISS” mission (ISS) application is developed on the basis of the International Space Station 3D model. The game maker contacted the astronauts at NASA’s Houston Johnson Space Center to get help from them. And making the virtual environment as close to the real space station as possible. This includes the space station 3D objects models, the gravitational limitations and peripherals.

  The current game has a support only for the Oculus Rift platform. Here the user who wears a helmet can float and have free roaming to the space station. While along the corridor, you can also walk out of the space station, “space walk”. You can also imitate the astronauts to complete a variety of tasks, such as loading cargo. Here you can use Oculus’s Rift Touch controller to simulate the “load” action.

There are also news that Oculus is planning to shift virtual headset to a real space station for testing purpose and monitoring of zero gravity. That is may be for the better version of Mission ISS.

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