Contra NES game VR version for HTC Vive From PP Gun

Here comes the NES game Contra in virtual reality (VR). Previously, there were reports that an independent development of a VR version of the “red alert 2” game.

Contra NES game VR version for HTC Vive From PP Gun

Contra NES game VR version for HTC Vive From PP Gun

 But unfortunately the development is officially stopped. Now there are developers moving from the more ancient game idea, they are going to take Contra to the VR!

Contra VR and Red Alert 2 VR

This VR version of “Contra” is competible with HTC Vive VR headset. Although the demo is relatively short, but will bring the player to the third off – “waterfall” off the end of the teeth that dance claws of the BOSS statue there. That is the ture taste of a Billy and Reims feelings how to fight with the evil.

Players can use firearms shooting. Up to this and the game idea is same as the original, the difference is that the players use their own body to achieve squatting, dodge. Of course you can not expect a hop to turn over the fight.

  And just like the original game version the user first have to destroy two hands. And then you can focus on attack BOSS’s mouth. After the victory, there are ignitions of the “bully” era of the classic eight machine flame which takes you to the next one off and so on. So up to now there is no next off in the demo so far.

  This work was developed by PP Gun developers that is an HTC Vive peripheral developers. This developer has presentations at CES 2017. Now PP Gun is also equipped with Vive tracker with the new peripherals. And it is exactly the same rifle size, the weight is almost the same. And even it includes the force feedback. The gun’s battery also supplies power to the Vive tracker.

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