PowerVR Furian New VR And AR Special GPU For Smartphones

Imagination Technologies, which is a company that provides mobile graphics chip (GPU). The company just announces a new mobile GPU processor chip “PowerVR Furian”.

PowerVR Furian New VR And AR Special GPU

PowerVR Furian New VR And AR Special GPU

This time the company’s launches the GPU for mobile incorporated in the “A” series, which is the chip set series of Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

The company representative said that “PowerVR Furian” has improved graphics performance and computing for the next-generation consumer device as compared to the current generation “PowerVR Rogue”. But it also said that this new technology  is specially made for virtual reality and augmented reality applications. This is why because VR And AR applications requests very high resolution displays and frame rate (drawing speed) for perfect rendering without delays.

According to “PowerVR Furian”, it will realize an immersive graphic content with high resolution with limited constraints on smart phone.

PowerVR Furian, iPhone will have this GPU?

It is not clear at this moment whether Apple will adopt the “PowerVR Furian” graphics processing chip or not? Or there is still a chance that Apple will incorporate these chips for the next model such as iPhone.

Apple’s efforts on VR / AR are not easy to explore. But still Apple CEO, Tim Cook has made many remarks affirming AR (Augmented Reality). And recently it places a team consisting of more than 1,000 employees at Israeli base. World will soon see the movements of this team under the water surface.

It is expected that 10th anniversary of the iPhone will be in year 2017. The VR / AR function seems to be an important point more than ever.

Google, which offers Android, is already expanding its deployment to VR / AR that already uses smartphones. And it also includes a daydream, high-end VR platform. VR platform that broadly supports smartphones, Cardboard, AR As for the AR technology Tango-equipped smartphone appeared since the end of 2016.


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