Facebook 360 The First VR Application for 360 ° Video & Photo Download

Now Facebook emphasis on virtual reality video and promised to accept new forms, etc. And for 360 ​​° video and photos in virtual reality, Facebook launched the first VR APP.
Facebook 360 The First VR Application

Facebook 360 The First VR Application

So far now, there are more than 25 million 360 ° photos and  there are over one million 360 °  videos posted on Facebook. The VR App allows you to more easily search for your favorite videos and photos, and watch with VR mode. This feature will make easy to hunt high quality virtual realty content that you want to see. With the search mode users are now able to find videos that are not mixed with simple and 360 degree category or virtual reality side by side just like in YouTube application.

In comparison with YouTube which searches all relevant and irrelevant videos for you and you feels it too difficult to find the right content for you. Meanwhile Facebook team specially gathers VR data containing beast virtual reality experience for you.

So how do you download it and take advantage on you virtual reality goggles?

This is the question which is still a under construction question. As Facebook launches its VR application on Samsung Gear VR Oculus application. You can easily have experience of this amazing application by easy downloading and installing in Oculus store Samsung Gear VR.

If you want to have experience then please use Gear VR ‘s Samsung Oculus application on your smart phone. Then search for Facebook 360, or direct access to the Oculus website for quick begin  of download.

Facebook 360 Features and Options

Currently Facebook 360 has four functions:

Search: Discover the most interesting and popular content in 360 °

Views: Experience your friend timeline in Facebook posted with 360 ° content, as well as from the people you care about pages and content having 360 ° videos and pictures.

Save: Save the content you’re interested in, so that you can experience at a more convenient time

Timeline: By upload your own 360 ° photos and videos in a whole new way to relive your memories.

Users can download the app in the Oculus Store.

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