AxonVR HaptX platform Allows Real Time Touch Feelings and Temperature in Virtual Reality

At the GDC Game Developers Conference 2017, a company called AxonVR showed a new tactile system that looks great. So called AxonVR HaptX platform.

AxonVR HaptX platform Allows Real Time Touch Feelings

AxonVR HaptX platform

The device on the picture below is part of AxonVR’s so-called HaptX platform, which includes a set of tactile and force-responsive equipment. The tactile system uses a very small actuator which exerts different pressures on the skin. And also changes the temperature to simulate a variety of tactile effects. Through the virtual reality headset with this device achieves the goal of high-precision analog simulation .

AxonVR HaptX platform Deatils

In fact, AxonVR is not the first company to think of the use of pressure and temperature to simulate the tactile experience. But from the point of view of actual force effect, the simple tactile vibration effect a lot better than this technology.

Now, AxonVR has developed a prototype that distributes array of actuators on a flat surface. And it is combined into a larger box. If you want to use this box, you must have it tie up to palm out into the bottom of the box. And then Wear the HTC Vive for virtual reality display. So that we can experience through an application.

That may be a spider touch a deer walking of making of different feelings at your hand. However, because the hand is fixed to experience the touch surface, so it can not be interactive. So you need to use the other hand on the handle to control the target. When you put the target on your own palm, the system simulates the feeling of contact with the skin. That is a particular point of contact, or a virtual deer standing on your palm. This all simulations feels very realistic with this application.

However there are still need for improvements. For example once the temperature control system plays a role in this. This will cause the true degree of touch simulation.

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