HP Pro X2 A 2-in-1 Combo Tablet PC With USB-C Docking at MWC 2017

HP Pro X2  2-in-1 Combo Tablet PC. Via Global Technology [on February 27] at Barcelona MWC 2017 Hewlett-Packard announces the a new commercial combo separable tablet. 

HP Pro X2 A 2-in-1 Combo Tablet PC With USB-C Docking at MWC 2017

The new HP Pro x2 612 G2 Combo Tablet PC

HP Prox2 is a versatile, two-in-one split-able tablet with a variety of business models including presentation mode, writing mode (for recording), tablet mode (for data collection), and notebook mode. HP Pro x2 is equipped with the latest seventh-generation Intel® processors. Offers the reliable performance to meet the different needs of end users.

Special designed to improve mobile office efficiency, HP Pro x2 not only supports WLAN1 there is an optional WWAN2. It has a fast rechargeable battery, life time 3 times higher supporting up to 11 hours. At the same time, the device has the magnetic compatibility keyboard with direct management of voice and video conferencing dedicated key.

Users can use the HP Active stylus with the App Launch feature and the Extensible 165-degree Stent interface when drawing or recording. So simplifying the presentation and sharing process. HP Pro x2 comes with a USB-C ™ interface that supports fast charging and data transfer and a USB-A interface for accessing legacy peripherals.

  IT departments on security, manageability and life cycle management requirements are also HP Pro x2 key consideration factors. The device is designed from the outset to create a secure working environment with built-in smart card readers, removable SSDs. With HP Client Security Suite Gen34, and optional fingerprint sensors and optional proximity communication (NFC) technology.

In the IT lifecycle management, the company provides a removable back cover, display panel, opening and closing bracket and other key components to provide 24x7 all-weather professional team support for the convenience of customers' rapid maintenance and management of the hardware at the enterprise level.

HP Pro x2 Specifications

The HP Pro x2 is designed to ensure that the equipment is capable of operating normally during the 3-5 years of life of the traditional enterprise. And it is tested by the US military level by falling, dust, humidity, temperature changes and shocks.

The product debut at MWC also includes a series of new accessories with HP Pro x2, for vertical process applications. So these accessories at the beginning of the design has the versatility of the product. Whether in the office or on the road, through the use of different types of optional accessories for mobile workers brings the efficient networking of the office environment.

So new HP Pro x2 612 G2 has a durable protective case 8. With a 360 degree rotating hand strap, shoulder strap. There is touch pen holder and optional power port plug. Compatible with Pro x2 keyboard is ideal for customers in extreme working environment.

HP Elite USB-C ™ Docking: For enterprise deployments, HP Pro x2 is turned into a desktop, connect multiple monitors and devices. And support device charging. In addition, it is compatible with Pro x2, HP Elite x2 1012 G1 devices with multi-function Type-C ™ USB ports. And devices that support Thunderbolt ™.

HP USB-C ™ Travel Hub: For mobile workers who need access to other peripheral ports on the go. The product provides a straight-through interface for displays and USB devices, charging devices. Such as HP Pro x2 and HP Elite x2 in use only available one USB-C ™ cable.

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