Steam Audio Valve For 3D Sound For Best VR Games and Applications

Valve company wants to have a sound under control. The company Valve officially announces the availability of techniques so called as Steam Audio. Through which developers can create advanced models of surround sound in games and VR applications.


Steam Audio although developed for some years. Steam Audio is an extension of enriching filters HRTF. This is for processing audio so as to faithfully reproduce the way the human ear and brain virtually locate the source of sounds. With such solution for calculating the physical properties of three-dimensional scenes and applying them to filter sound sources.

Valve 3D audio for VR Games and Applications

Steam Audio also facilitate the developers to increase realism through the application of physics to the geometry of the 3D scene. So as to faithfully reproduce the sound effects on any barriers separating the source and character in the game. Using physics Steam Audio it also allows you to add reverb.

And calculates the way to spread the sounds in the 3D world. All this happens in order to increase the realism of the sound layer of 3D games and VR. These types of announcements that we are currently introducing these days. Valve does not discover anything new, but merely chasing the market with a ten-year delay.

Valve company developers provide SDK. Currently, it is used as a plug-in in Unity engine, as well as a C API for integration into engines or other software tools.

As you know that Valve company recently acquired company Impulsonic. And they are already integrating into Steam results of this acquisition. Here Steam Audio facilitate all developers sound processing for VR games and applications.

Steam Audio Phonon 3D Software Plugin for Unity

The company worked on binaural Impulsonic software called Phonon 3D. Which lets you work with 3D sound and enhance your virtual reality experience.  The aim is to provide developers with the best tools to create the best VR games and VR applications. Valve's Steam introduces Audio SDK as a new generation of software Phonon. There are tools that have native support for Unity.

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