Honor VR 360 Degree VR Recording Camera For Smartphones Via USB-C

Honor VR 360 Degree VR Recording Camera Detailed Specifications. Huawei shows in Beijing, that plugs into a smartphone camera for VR (Virtual Reality). The aim of this new entry is to record images with 360-degree field of view FOV.

Honor VR 360 Degree VR Recording Camera

Honor VR 360 Degree VR Recording Camera

Even before the fair of MWC 2017, Huawei decides to show their new camera version that is dedicated to virtual reality. Camera Honor VR will allow us to record 360 degree videos when connected to a smartphone via USB Type C. It will record videos and pictures of 360 degree field of view. The event associated with the launch took place in Beijing.

Honor VR 360 Degree VR Technology?

Thus, Huawei (although the manufacturer would prefer to say, Honor. Because the camera better suites to the nature of the recipient, in which it excels the other brand complements in its portfolio of another VR product. A little late in comparison with major competitors.

But it is not only camera with these specifications. Let's see how this new camera is going to compete in market for both aspects of pricing and quality. There is also a question that how it can record 360 FOV?

The answer to the question "how?".  That is the camera housing, bearing the address of the web Insta360. It is very likely on the device that the manufacturer has a base largely (if not entirely) for camera Honor VR. The camera will have a support software Insta360, which is specially developed for sharing and streaming data.

We could say if the specification are the same as the camera Insta360 Air for Android. Then we can expect two lenses with aperture of f/2.4, images with a resolution of  about 4.5 megapixels and video resolution supports upto 2560 x 1280 pixels at 30 frames per second.

We must admit that there are parameters that are very delightful. Because you have to wait until Huawei will share with us the actual specifications of its new product.

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