New Wireless Charger Room From Disney Scientists Using QSCR Technology

The dream of Nikola Tesla is slowly taking a shape and getting almost true now. Disney Research center prepare a room, which is a form of huge wireless charger inside the electronics. What are the opportunities and threats connected with this technology?

Wireless Charger


  1. How large is the room size from engineers of Disney?
  2. How is the wireless charging technology implemented?
  3. With what power and efficiency of powering the equipment?
  4. What is the threat level for health?

Double as battery charger

Optimistic reports comes from Disney Research. This new invention hit the headlines of scientific journal "Plos One." While working on resolving the issue of the easy loading of devices for wireless charging engineers creates a special room. It provides a constant, wireless supply of energy to all devices inside the room.

The test room has a size of 5 x 5 meters, and its effect presents on multiple devices. Including remote-controlled toy , office fan, lamp and smartphone. The level of charging efficiency depending on their position in the range of from 40 to 95 percent. And the maximum achievable power can be up to 1,900 W.

The transmitter signal from the amplifier, located outside the room.

Wireless Charger  Magnetic Field in the Aluminum Case

The secret of the invention lies in its clever design. The walls, ceiling, and floor are made of aluminum panels mounted on the stage of the same material. In the middle of the room there is a vertical copper tube. However that consists of a ring of 15 capacitors. They provide a constant resonance frequency of (1.32 MHz) and isolation of EM fields in the room.

The source of power is a generator with amplifier. So that locates outside the room. QSCR, or quasistatic resonance cavity , which is tightly filling the room. So the filed devices are powered as long as their position is perpendicular to the magnetic field lines.

Also, and this is the condition we usually work around designing a special receiver with three evenly spaced coils. Equipped with devices from it loading up already, regardless of position.

Smartphone equipped with a prototype adapter QSCR.
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