Sony SF-G Series UHS-II Memory Crad for Fastest 4K Recording

Sony SF-G Series UHS-II Memory card. Sony will release the "SF-G" series of UHS-II compatible SD memory cards suitable for 4K picturing from April 24th. Price is open. Its front shop exposure expected price is about 432 US Dollars at capacity of 128GB, 64GB is around 220 Dollars, 32GB is around 132 Dollars.

Sony SF-G series of UHS-II compatible SD memory

Sony SF-G series of UHS-II compatible SD memory

128GB model (SF-G128)

 It corresponds to the SDHC / SDXC memory card standard "UHS-II" by SD association. And it is optimal for smooth continuous shooting of multi-pixel still images such as recording of 4K movie (XAVC S) and 12 bit RAW format.

Sony SF-G Series UHS-II Specifications

 The "SF-G" series adopts a controller equipped with high-performance NAND flash memory and proprietary algorithm. This realizes the world's fastest transfer rate of up to 300 MB/s with a read and write speed of maximum 299 MB/s. The performance has been greatly improved compared to the transfer rate of the 'SF-M' series released in 16 '(reading maximum 260 MB/s, writing maximum 100 MB/s).

 SDXC for the 128 GB and 64 GB models, SDHC for the 32 GB model. UHS speed class is for all models of Class 3, SD speed class is Class 10. Download file recovery application "Memory Card File Rescue".

"SF-G" series of UHS-II compatible SD memory

64GB model (SF-G64)

"SF-G" series of UHS-II compatible SD memory

32GB model (SF-G32)

 Alsocompany is going to release another product on the same day SDH memory card reader / writer "MRW - S1". That is compatible with UHS - II capable of reading / writing the fastest SF - G series. Price is open, front shop expected price is around 26 Dollars. The USB interface has a direct attachment connector (Type A) compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1. Corresponding to the reading and writing of one SD card.

"SF-G" series of UHS-II compatible SD memory

UHS-II compatible SD memory card reader / writer "MRW-S1". These memory cards are the best and fastest cards of available technology.

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