Remix OS Singularity What New Features For Android?

Remix OS is based on Android x86 operating system. Its task is to provide a convenient and easy-to-use environment which seamlessly works on PCs. Finding solutions for Remix OS Singularity.

Remix OS

That will be able to run applications designed for the Google mobile system. With Version 2.0 , you can run well on tablets.

Although the results are successful, the future Remix OS paints a rather bleak. All this thanks to the Google, that communicated the store Google Play and Android applications in its Chrome OS. No wonder, therefore, Jide the creator Remix OS is looking for a new direction of development. And this is the Remix OS Singularity. A ROM for smartphones. Which allow a run mode similar to Microsoft's Conitnuum , but that is entirely based on Android.

Remix OS Singularity

In the second half of 2017 years Jide is going to make Remix OS for Mobile. A ROM  as little as possible modified Android OS. Its most important feature, however, is the ability to connect your smartphone to peripherals or laptop. Which will start Remix OS. This function is Remix OS Singularity.

Remix OS Singularity Means?

In an interview with The Verge, head Jide declares that Remix OS will not apply restrictions. Which plunged all previous attempts to dock smartphones and run on the periphery of desktop operating systems led by Continuum, but also for Ubuntu Convergence .

Still on Remix OS there is a need of self-installation of Google OS, by Google Play. Which is time-consuming for the average user and enough to avoid system. Here are a definite advantages for chromebooks - each model released this year 2017 will support Android applications.

Importantly, smartphone mobile Remix OS-I is only equipment necessary for the use of the Singularity. It does not need connection to the PC. But there is option to directly connect to the monitor. There is also support for the televisions. Still, there are many questions that remain unanswered. And above all the possibility of mobile Remix OS compatibility with your smartphone when connecting to peripheral devices.

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