Microsoft HoloLens AR Solution For Augmented Reality Surgery From Stryker

AR Augmented Reality Surgery for easy setting of operation theater for specialize surgery. Microsoft 's HoloLens is perhaps the most advanced AR solution.

Augmented Reality Surgery

Augmented Reality Surgery

Even though Microsoft has not yet introduced the consumer version to market. Medical technology company Stryker is currently using HoloLens to redesign the operating room. Providing us with a potential use case for the AR in the healthcare industry.

Augmented Reality Surgery Benefits?

Finally people who know the surgical operating room are so clear how complicated this is. From general surgery to orthopedics and others, the operating room needs to cope with a variety of different surgical procedures.

Because of requirements of each surgical device and settings may become very complex, lighting, tools, equipment, and patient and operating table position. All of which must be able to change in a moment to adapt to different surgical procedures.

In Addition a company that produces operating room products, Stryker have interest  in helping hospitals and doctors to design efficient and cost-effective operating rooms. The company is using HoloLens to design a shared operating room. Through the hologram displays virtual people, equipment and settings, without the need to use the actual physical examples.

Therefore it may save a lot of time and cost that allows Stryker to quickly and efficiently visualize different surgical scenarios. Stryker can use the 3D rendering after the completion of the design. Reducing the 2D rendering brought about by the design error.

So no matter how fast the technology is available to consumers. Thats why HoloLens and AR are most popular areas that are getting financial focus. Finally hope that technological advances can bring more gospels to the medical industry and patients.

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