Samsung Galaxy S8 Real Machine Leaked on Network

For the first time the real machine Samsung Galaxy S8 also leaks to network.

  A big wave of spy photos and concept map after the "food" finally on the line. Recently, there are friends exposed a group from the Samsung Galaxy S8 real machine map, from the picture point of view, this real machine leakes shows  the truth is very credible.

Samsung Galaxy S8 real machine leaked: large screen accounted for but the forehead a lot of pock

  We can see that this group of Samsung Galaxy S8 is driving machine, the fuselage really like before the leak of a variety of pictures as very rounded. At the same time, the overall design of the screen is quite stunning, but due to the use of a comprehensive screen design, the bottom of the physical key to remove, so we can see the existence of virtual keys.

Samsung Galaxy S8 real machine leaked

New USB-C interface?

  In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S8 did not remove the headphone jack. From pictures you can see that USB interface have updated technology. Here new latest technology Type-C connector is available in this new smartphone. There is border transition which looks very smooth which is even more and better than galaxy S7. But it is worth noting that the top of the fuselage of the hole count, but up to 6, will you like this full forehead pockmark Samsung Galaxy S8?

Samsung Galaxy S8 real machine leaked

  In fact, you do not worry too much about it, because this is only the cause of the project, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is actually the true appearance and with leak gives a lot of power. After the Note7  it is exactly the same case now. So this time the stars can be more calm with these leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S8 real machine leaked


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