HoleLenz Application Makes Hole to Another World Successor with HoleLenz Gate

HoleLenz, a new application of Microsfot HoloLens. Using HoloLens, a Microsoft MR device that can display 3D models in real space. This time it attempts to drill holes in the walls and floo. It is covered several times in airplane as well. It is made with unity.


The creator, @ VoxelKei , named the application "HoleLenz" and started distribution at the store for HoloLens. This new application uses advanced algorithms for this creativity. Look at the pictures and video capturing of new application of Microsoft HoloLens.

HoleLenz application of Microsoft HoloLens

HoleLenz application of Microsoft HoloLens

With the application delivered this time, you can open a hole connected to another space on the wall or floor.

HoleLenz application

HoleLenz application

By pinching and opening your fingers, you can make holes in the wall. Another space spreads beyond the hole.

HoleLenz application of Microsoft HoloLens 1.0
You can make holes not only on the wall but also on the floor.

It has just passed certification. I guess it will take up to 24 hours to be visible in the Store. This application can only make small holes. Next, they will release "HoleLenz Gate" soon. You can step through the hole to another space with this new application.

HoleLenz and HoleLenz Gate?

We live in an extremely complex world these days, and it seems to get more complex as the days move along. As a result, I have become a big fan of minimal design in recent years. If you see me referring to something as simple or minimal. That is just a high praise. It means the designer avoids the pitfalls of being seduced into adding unnecessary layers to his or her application.

Now... I am really curious how it will work with my fear of heights.

In addition, here , such as those introduced in the article, it is drilled back and forth is possible apps from the hole to a different space, is that of the currently separate application as "HoleLenz Gate".


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