Microsoft CSS Voice Control For VR New AI Service, Ship Commander

CSS Voice Control for virtual reality with artificial intelligence algorithms. Microsoft is working in the artificial intelligence field for a very long time. And now the brain become more clever. Microsoft people have also developed a corresponding voice control for VR experience.

Microsoft CSS Voice Control For VR Microsoft has launched a new AI

Microsoft artificial intelligence two magic - CRIS and LUIS

Now Microsoft just announces the Custom Speech Service (CSS Personalized Voice Service). Which is the latest addition to Microsoft Cognitive Services (Microsoft Cognitive Services) part of the program. It includes a series of subversive techniques that solve the computer vision and machine learning of these Artificial intelligence problems.

CSS is a highly adaptable voice-to-text program that is viewed as a dramatic evolution of Apple Siri or Google Assistant.

Microsoft has launched a new AI service VR voice control era is expected

CSS combines two cutting-edge technologies to achieve the performance of the next era. The first is CRIS - Personal Recognition Intelligent Service. Microsoft said:

(CRIS) allows companies to use personalized voice recognition. Therefor developers upload sample audio files and recordings. Which have an option to personalize according to different environments. That makes it easier to identify those voices in unusual environments, such as in the factory or outdoors. "

This means that CRIS can let the organization build its own unique voice commands. So that the specific voice to the text instructions becomes more better. For example, a hospital can form a complete list of surgery or disease related to facilitate the patient inquiries.

Let CSS more powerful, in addition to CRIS is the LUIS (voice understanding of intelligent services, Language Understanding Intelligent Service). LUIS is described by Microsoft as "Intentional Engine" to help the computer understand the meaning behind the human language.

For example, the current voice command is a specific word or phrase mapped by a programmer to a given action - "find coffee" or "take me to coffee" will open the map application and gives you the location of nearest coffee shop.

Microsoft CSS Voice Control For VR experience with voice play - ship commander

CSS is a service, and Microsoft itself does not need to build products around this process. This works with the Human Interact system of customer.

Human Interact's starter project is Starship Commander. That is a voice-driven VR experience that takes advantage of Microsoft's new and powerful tools. According to foreign media UploadVR experience, said it is "the most intelligent voice interactive engine in immersive applications."

Microsoft has launched a new AI service VR voice control era is expected

In this experience this is more like a simple game and like an interactive movie. The whole experience is around the voice control. Players drives as a Star Wars pilot.

In the experience, a total of 20 dialogue experience, but the developers said that this is just a taste of their procedures in the hundreds of dialogue only on the surface only.

Because of the existence of the LUIS system, application can correctly understand the words that the player wants to express. Even if it is not exactly what is the "mapping program" in the same way: say "go" story to continue. Although the combination of words does not meet the corresponding instructions, the system is still able to understand the meaning of the player.

 Microsoft's mission is to "let each organization and individuals to use artificial intelligence."

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