ST LIS2DW12 Low Powered 3-Axis Accelerometer for IoT Wearables

ST Microelectronics announces the 3-axis acceleration sensor "LIS2DW12" that supports multiple settings of low power consumption and low noise. Mass production is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2017. Reference price is about 0.75 dollars / piece (when 1000 pieces are purchased). See Full Specifications.

Three-axis acceleration sensor "LIS2DW12"

LIS2DW12 is a 16-bit long output product newly added to its high-performance, low-power MEMS product family (including LSM 6 DSM, LSM 6 DSL, LSM 303 AH, etc.). This has a dimension package of 2 × 2 × 0.7 mm .

It is possible to select a mode that gives priority to low power consumption or a mode that gives priority to low noise characteristics and able to operate in 5 modes. This works by combining one setting function with the other four settings in both modes. It reduces the number of times to start up the system for data checking, enables efficient single byte transfer. Minimizes system power consumption and extends battery life. The noise density reduces to 90 ug / √ Hz that is 25% lower than competing products by more than 25%. By improving measurement accuracy of next-generation applications. Such as healthcare / fitness equipment and game machines, industrial sensors and environmental monitors.

ST LIS2DW12 Low Powered 3-Axis Accelerometer Specifications

In addition, the product has a standby current of 50 nA. The current in the low power consumption mode (output data rate: 1.6 Hz) is as low as 380 nA. The load on the battery is very small, the power supply voltage range is 1.62 V It is possible to drive for a long time even with small coin batteries and button batteries at ~ 3.6 V.

Furthermore, as a function corresponding to low power consumption at the system level. FIFO capable of storing 32 sample sets, built-in temperature sensor. And programmable interrupt processing function (free fall, wake-up, active / stopped detection, 6 axis / 4 axis direction detection, tap / double tap detection), etc.

In addition,company is currently shipping samples of LIS2DW12, and will start mass production in the first quarter of 2017.


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