Future AI Treadmill First Artificial Intelligence System Exercising

Future AI Treadmill First Artificial Intelligence System for Exercising. See how AI improves treadmill experience. This is basically a Five Sense Artificial Intelligence Treadmill. See Features.

Future AI Treadmill

Future AI Treadmill

Hangzhou, February 13, 2017 - 2017 ISPO MUNICH (Munich International Sporting Goods Fair) winter exhibition in Germany on February 8 just finishes. One hundred million health treadmill concept in competition now launches the world's first treadmill. AI system - Future AI, referred to as the FAI intelligence system.

"Future AI" is the first true sense of the treadmill using artificial intelligence system. It is different from the general intelligent system, its innovation is reflected in the self-perception, self-thinking and self-judgment and other three core competencies.

As the "five senses", it is possible to understand the "sense of feeling" of the user's voice instruction. And  the ability to "perceive" the user's voice command. Can read the "inspiration" of the user's heart and become the "emotional" with the user's emotional hub. The Future AI Treadmill.

Future AI "five sense" concept map is as following:

"Future AI" is not a separate system, which consists of five hardware and software subsystems together, they are:

It can always perceive every step of the user. And at any time it automatically adjust the comfort of soft and hard comfort of the "magic carpet" (Magic Carpet) intelligent shock absorption system.

,It can use the user "mind" to control the treadmill "wand" (Magic Wand) intelligent heart rate handle.

 It can recognize the user and his family's "magic mirror" (Magic Mirror) using intelligent face recognition system anytime, anywhere.

 Here it can understand all the instructions of the user, said to do the "magic flute" (Magic Flute) intelligent voice recognition system.

 This is quantitative automatic lubrication of the "magic box" (Magic Grease) intelligent fuel system.

Assist Future AI's new generation of mobile APP - "Y · RUN".

When the user uses the treadmill equipped with the "Future AI" intelligence system, it will be as smart as the treadmill. The treadmill adjusts the damping by sensing the user's gravity and motion. Giving the user the best running experience. All the operation through voice control. Treadmill at any time can perceive the user's heart rate changes and adjust the speed of running. Even through the cloud computing, the treadmill directly interface with the user's personal education. All this seems to belong to the future running experience, through the billion health "Future AI" will immediately become a reality .


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