Philips 245C7QJSB Specifications With 2.5mm Width Comparable With Smartphone

Philips 245C7QJSB Specifications With 2.5mm width that can be compared with smartphone thickness. An ideal choice for stylish home users.  See Full Details of new model design. The latest model of the fashion line proves that the housing of a 24-inch monitor can have a thickness of a smartphone.


Philips 245C7QJSB

Philips 245C7QJSB

The company Philips appears with the slim monitor with extraordinary design. 24-inch model 245C7QJSB stands out from the competition in a very slim design. It is just 5.2 mm thick, so it is just comparable with smartphones.

The new monitor is from the line of Fashion - a series of devices from Philips. This not only offers high image quality, but also stand out intriguing appearance. Side profile of the housing model 245C7QJSB is at the narrowest point of only 5.2 mm. Comparable to the thickness of the housing of smartphones. If it is not embedded in the bottom of the electronics and mounting feet, the monitor could easily blend with almost any desktop space.

Philips 245C7QJSB

Philips 245C7QJSB

The width of the frame around the display is 2.5 mm. Which makes two or three monitors Philips 245C7QJSB extremely easy to create a multi-screen configuration on the need for more professional applications. Foot is make of light aluminum alloy. This makes it not only visually interesting, but also weighs a little. The weight of the whole monitor base is only 2.87 kg. Both on sensitive shelf and on a glass table or even on a wall.

Philips 245C7QJSB

Philips 245C7QJSB

Philips 245C7QJSB makes this device primarily for home use. Dedicated for users tying great importance to the design of consumer electronics. The monitor has a 24-inch display IPS Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). Which is characterized by wide viewing angles.

In addition, the technology Ultra-Wide Color provides a wider range of colors with more natural green, vibrant red and deep shades of blue. Model 245C7QJSB also offers technologies LowBlue and Flicker-Free, limiting visual fatigue during prolonged work in front of the screen. The first one reduces the emission of unhealthy blue light for the protection of eyes while the other reduces flicker.

Philips 245C7QJSB have following connectors: VGA, HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2. Because of the minimalist and ultra-light design display does not have built-in speakers, but it has a retained headphone output.

Philips 245C7QJSB Monitor Specifications:

  • Diagonal: 23.8 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
  • matrix: IPS
  • backlight: 250 cd / m² (W-LED)
  • Contrast: 1000: 1
  • Reaction time: 14 ms (5 ms function SmartResponse)
  • viewing angles: 178/178 degrees
  • video inputs: VGA, HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2
  • Additional connectors: audio
  • Dimensions: 541 x 412 x 197 mm
  • Weight: 2.87 kg

Philips 245C7QJSB will debut in market in the coming weeks, and the manufacturer's suggested retail price is €219.

Source: Philips

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