iPhone 8 Iris scan TouchID Face Recognition or Biometric?

iPhone 8 Iris scan TouchID Face Recognition or Biomatric? A new generation of iPhone currently in news from the Internet. Before the launch of Apple's next-generation iPhone, and the latest news is that the phone will have an iris or facial recognition system.

iPhone 8 Iris scan TouchID Face Recognition or Biomatric?

iPhone 8 Iris scan TouchID Face Recognition or Biomatric?

  The news comes from Taiwan's "DigiTimes" website. Which cites unidentified industry sources saying the new features of the so-called "iPhone 8" will include OLED screens, wireless charging devices and iris scanning technology. Which allows users to unlock the iPhone or  make Apple payment through their eyes.

iPhone 8 Iris scan should not include?

  As one of the vital signs, the uniqueness of the human eye iris can be used for identification. The iris scan on the phone is not a new technology. Samsung Note7, or even earlier Microsoft Lumia phone already uses this technology. While talking about the similar technologies the iris recognition technology is far different from TouchID experience. It is slow (usually 1-2 seconds, fingerprint recognition as long as 0.7 seconds) and low recognition rate. The user with glasses or in dark Light conditions will surely have problem of iris recognition. This makes the iris scan not compulsory.

  This is why we think that new Apple iPhone will not have this technology. Apple's product strategy is to experience more, rather than the pursuit of cutting-edge technology or cool selling point.

  In addition, another rumor about iris recognition is that Taiwanese supplier Xintec will be the foundation for Apple's iris recognition chip.

  But if you log on the company's Web site you will find that their profile is CMOS image sensor in the wafer-level packaging production. We believe that new products form Apple company will have facial recognition rater than iris scan.

  Although Touch ID fingerprinting may eventually be replaced by more advanced biometrics. Now neither face nor iris scans are as fast and convenient as fingerprints. Both technologies are cool, but with the TouchID together with would have a great experience.


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