Chrome WebVR Technology Experience Web With Virtual Immersion

Chrome WebVR technology finally comes to virtual reality experience of with web browser support. The latest version of Chrome officially supports WebVR technology, allowing you to easily immerse yourself into another world. See what this feature can offer and how one can enjoy this VR improvement in Chrome.

Chrome WebVR

Chrome WebVR

This is now officially conformed that Google Chrome WebVR is now a feature of Google Chrome browser. Virtual reality allows you to dive deep into space and allows you to understand the real time insides of the scene. It can also let you walk in your dream house into and visualize your design and other parameters like furniture, stairs, wals and much more. Google is bringing VR to the Internet, and the latest version of Chrome officially supports WebVR technology. By allowing you to easily enter another world, just as easy as visiting your favorite web pages.

Chrome WebVR

Chrome WebVR

Chrome WebVR Supported Websites

With the latest version of Chrome, you can try some of the sites that already support VR. Sites including: Exploring the intersection of human, nature and technology in the interactive documentary Web site Bear 71; M ++ in the Matterport content library 30+ celebrity residences, museums, Canyons, landmarks. And other real places; enjoy a range of award-winning VR movies in Within; enjoy more than a million fantastic 3D scenes from Sketchfab, from your favorite animations, games , people, to Famous works of art.

 With this technology you will have option to immerse yourself into these great web pages and find out great stuff with virtual reality.

Google also says that in the future there will be more support for VR sites. But we also hope that in any device for everyone we are efforting technology to bring VR. It is expected in the next few months we will also increase the number of VR head compatibility so any one even with google card board can enjoy the VR great web immersion. However it currently has a support for Google’s Daydream headsets only.


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