Apple AR Glasses, Once Again Will Change The World

Apple AR Glasses expected in markets very soon. According to reliable reports, Apple has presented idea this year for their own augmented reality glasses. All indications are that this type of product from the giant would change the world of electronics like iPod and iPad.

Apple AR Glasses

Apple AR Glasses

Sources rumors are different from influential bloggers, Bloomberg and patents filed by Apple , the same Tim Cook. All the voices in unison suggest exactly the same: concern feverishly working on the AR glasses similar to Google Glass, which we will see in the coming months . Perhaps the device will be shown to the world next to the jubilee iPhone release. Glasses will show not only the notification and information from the network, but also three-dimensional images right before the eyes of the wearer just like the Microsoft HoloLens.

Apple AR Glasses Patent?

Let's leave the putative functions on the side. Instead, let's consider why Apple Glasses (I will use the names for easier transfer of content). If indeed it hit stores, almost alone bring on the water a new segment Roasting in, and their commercial success will oppose the niche of HoloLens or rotting into oblivion Google Glass.

Ready when you are ready ...

Apple is a company painfully much more predictable in its unpredictability . The fact that Tim Cook and company ponder everything in the recesses of their laboratories forward-planning there is no mystery. At the same time. We know that over the years has consistently avoided informing the media about any prototypes. The equipment is in market only when it is ready for it . Then we watch a great conference and Apple for an hour listening to the President of odes to all the great features of the device.

HoloLens Vs Apple AR Glasses

In the case of smartphones with AR technology Tango many people did not understand and still do not understand that this solution is something completely different from the "camera demos of Xperia".

But beware: you can not deny that such an attitude actually brings Apple benefits. Already the first generation iPod, iPhone, iPad, or even Apple Watch, even though they were not without flaws. But they really have paradigm of features that allow to conquer the market.


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