Flying Car, Uber Recruits NASA Engineers for Fascinating Project

Uber is recently working on a eye-catching idea of Flying car. For Flying car project Uber recruits Mark Moore who is the newly added Uber engineer a former club member of worldwide popular company NASA. See What are flying car project details?

Flying Car

Flying Car

Flying Car A Reality in Feature?

Uber recent recruitment is very eye-catching, Mark Moore-- the newly added Uber engineer is from NASA. His duties are: vertical take-off and landing of the aircraft's transportation network, put it simply: a number of flying cars. This seems a bit difficult task, that's why company is paying too much attention on this area.

The news was first proposed by Bloomberg Brad Stone reported , Mark Moore told him that he is entering an emerging market, and Uber in this emerging market is a key vantage point.

"If your business model does not make economic sense, it's just a crazy tech game. And nobody is going to give you money." This is one of the nontechnical difficulties that Moore believes Uber is facing. No profit. For Moore, he was a year away from retirement, leaving him without a large pension, and with free medical care.

The key event context: "Connection" in the report last October show Uber flying car project is not yet begun. And even in the possibility of a state are not yet confirmed. But Uber's official website has a blueprint for the near future, this document is precisely depicted a flying tool consisting of hundreds of pages of transport facilities. Company officials said in a statement, Uber want to make practical the idea of ​​flying cars from the ground. However Uber is the only one working in this project.

There are almost 5 other companies are also working on the flying car project. If every thing works well there are still many hurdles that would lie in path of this project from government issues to transportation issues.

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