Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017 For Vive, Oculus Rift and Gear VR

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017, Find the most interesting games of Year 2017. See our collection of Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017. VR industry is driven by the fiery  VR hardware, and software is still on a slow growth. Especially in the field of VR games there is very low improvement.

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017

Major game developers have more or less few games transferred into the VR game development. Recently, the foreign media Upload VR on the inventory of the 2017 displays the most anticipated VR games. See our selection of Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017.

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017 Will Be Free to Download?

Not all games will be free, but still free games from the upcoming list would be enjoyed. From the the following we select the 10 most interesting and adventurous VR games from well known manufacturers, take a look.

 Radiation 4 VR version

  Talking on the "radiation 4", gamer will certainly not unfamiliar with it. This is the "Radiation" series of works of the fourth generation, critically acclaimed a masterpiece. "Radiation 4" won the Japan Game Awards 2015 "the next group". The most anticipated game, the 33rd Golden Rocker Award most anticipated game.

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017

The most pleasant surprise is that, in the last year developers announces that  "Radiation 4" for the VR version. Officials says, " in June 2017 Radiation 4" VR version will come in market for HTC Vive". Pete Hines, a spokesman for BST says "We believe that VR is a perfect match for our immense, open world, immersive RPG,".

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017

  Resident Evil 7 VR version

  Resident Evil series of concern as much as the degree of radiation 4. It is reported that the first seven is to change the first-person screen to greatly enhance the horror effect of the game. Resident Evil this year will also be introduced in the field of VR compared to other large IP is more sincere works. VR version of the Resident Evil will be a complete game, not just the title VR experience. It is worth noting that the whole game clearance takes about 15 hours or so, and the VR version takes 25 to 30 hours.

According to the game developers announced the news, "Resident Evil 7" will be available on January 24, 2017, landing PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform. VR version will be Sony PSVR exclusive year, after 2018 landing other equipment.

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017

  Ark Park

  Big heat sandbox survival game "Ark: survival and evolution" is about to move towards the VR field. Snail game will launch a new VR platform theme park - "Ark Park." Game players have the opportunity to ride in the virtual world dinosaurs, making weapons, decryption to explore, to capture the collection of dinosaur gene debris, to create their own dinosaur breeding park.

Star Trek VR version

  In last year's E3, announced the launch of the VR version of the game can be more than radiation 4. Classic science fiction movie "Star Trek" is also announced on the E3 will release the VR version, the official said that virtual reality technology allows players to be personally on the scene, but the game screen is relatively backward. Star Trek (Bridge Crew) ", as a veteran science fiction," Star Trek "is still very appealing in Europe and the United States, which is the brand's first VR game.

Although Ubisoft father had originally planned for the fall of 2016 officially on sale, but until now we still do not see the official version on the line.

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017


  "Farpoint" is an Impulse Gear developed PS VR exclusive game, the development of members from EA and SONY's 3A studio. The game will be supporting the upcoming PSVR gun-type controller, the game can be a more realistic experience of simulated guns, bombardment invaded the territory of the alien insects.

Budget Cuts

  The game uses VR games commonly used in the transmission of mobile means to produce a similar "Portal" of the first-person decryption game. Players need to rely on the gun out of the portal to secretly sneak into different places. You need to find hidden places through the portal, in the corner to attack through the enemy.

The Gallery

  "The Gallery" is a platform for any type of adventure puzzle game, it has a gorgeous game screen, can bring the most realistic VR experience. In the evaluation of foreign media, the game to produce well-known, vivid experience known, is the best-selling VR games in 2016 one.

The game will launch a sequel in 2017, allowing players to further explore this mysterious fantasy world.

  Lone Echo

  The development company Ready At Dawn is known for its highly visual gameplay, and this time their first VR project will not let us down. With Oculus's support, the game leverages Oculus's new handle, and Oculus Touch launches new moves and supports single and multiplayer games.

Megaton Rainfall

  Have you ever dreamed of flying like a Superman to save the planet above the city? This unique VR game allows players to fly on each planet, to prevent alien invasion, the first person to save the world.

Racing Plan 2

  It is no exaggeration to say "racing plan 2" with good deeds. As early as June 2015, Slightly Mad studios has announced the official launch of the "Racing Plan" sequel to "Racing Plan 2", and also launched a total for this purpose. Then such a long time in the past, there has been no new news of "Racing Plan 2" once let players think that has abortion. Recently, Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell said, if the development is smooth, "Racing Plan 2" will be available in September this year!

Previously, the Racing program was one of the most in-depth racing simulation games available today, and one of the best VR experiences. "Racing Plan 2" will give players more racing types, features, we have no reason not to look forward to the car version of the performance of VR version 2. (Source: uploard VR, Sina)

Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Games 2017

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