New WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages and Trace Location

WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages and ability to trace user locations puts a new breakthrough in messaging. WhatsApp continuously watching over users demands. This time WhatsApp application responds to the more urgent needs of users and update introduces new features. One of them is long awaited by many people the ability to undo send messages and edit already written text. This saves the mistaken conversations and is surely a big breakthrough in whatsapp application.

WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages Location Trace

WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages Location Trace


Now you can both delete your messages and can even edit sent messages only in the beta version of the application for iOS. Users have waited so long for these features and can help them in many situations. . This for example if you have sent a message to a person mistakenly. While you have to send this message to another person then you have now  option to remove that message from your stream of messages. While this service has one more obligation, that is, the message will only be able to delete or edited only if the recipient did not have time to read it. Once message receiver reads it, then there is no option to modify or get it back to you.

WhatsApp Location Tracing With Authorization?

Another feature announced is to track the exact location of the user. This ghostly feature is called Live Location Tracking and requires tracking authorization for once which may take two or five minutes. It allows you to share your location with a group hut, which will your friends to friends to follow you on that location.

WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages

WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages

WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages For Android?

It is not known yet when the new features would appear in the official version of WhatsApp, or when these options will be available for other platforms , eg. Android. Since, however, they are already available in beta for iOS. And may be final release comes ut for iOS very soon. There is no information on whatsapp version having these features.


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