Super Bowl virtual reality Watch Download Android Application

Super Bowl virtual reality This Weekend, Install Android App for Watching. If you're interested in both Football and Virtual Reality, then there is some thing interesting in this Weekend in internet stores for you. If you have either the Google Cardboard Headset or A Samsung Gear VR it is great opportunity to have greatest moments of Super Bowl LI in real time.

Super Bowl virtual reality

Super Bowl virtual reality

Obviously Fox Sports is not going to let you watch the entire Super Bowl 51 for free. It still has a channel subscriptions to watch a full match. So what it is offering you now, there is an opportunity to watch highlights and snippets in your own personal 'virtual Suite 'where you can sit back, relax, and watch the game's best moments on the big screen. This is not just a 360-degree video, but it will give you access to specialized wide-angle video, mapped to a virtual wall just like You're watching on your own extra-large television. If you're passionate about 360-degree video however, you can always take your phone out of the Google Cardboard or Gear VR headset and pivot your phone around to experience it.

Super Bowl virtual reality Will See Full Match?

Users will have access to 20 different specialized highlights while using the app this weekend, which they can can scrub through in a timeline format to watch exactly what they want to see. While the app actually streamed a full football game last year. It seems the Network is a little more strict about the actual Super Bowl, and  this show will be  showing only highlights in order to stay away from live-game stress.

If you want to try it there are links below. It is a great experience in watching amazing moments of football in virtual reality. You will surely miss that if you loose this chance. This opportunity is available through official fox sports VR application. It is compatible with Android devices. Install Here.

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