MindFlix Control Netflix Multimedia With Mind Waves Sensor Muse

MindFlix Control Netflix. Here comes another interesting gadget MindFlix Control Netflix in the annual competition from Netflix "Hack Day". This where employees of the great entertainment companies showcase their crazy ideas. This effort is for making the VOD services even more comfortable. This year, the best idea is undoubtedly the control of media services through brain.

MindFlix Control Netflix

MindFlix Control Netflix

This sounds crazy at first look. But controlling the media streaming without a need of word or pressing a key is really Sci-Fi. But this technology is now true. This in turn is a similar navigation system like virtual reality. In which eye tracking is the latest navigation system.

MindFlix Control Netflix On Which Sensing Technology?

MindFlix is ​​a project that is based on the band Muse. Which is installed with seven EEG sensors and Bluetooth. Sensors detects brain waves easily and this technology is not too complicated. Netflix navigation is based on the technology which allows you to move your head in four directions. These directions are: up, down, left, right. After that, as "we move" has his head on the title, which we need to play, just think of the keyword sensor will sense the brain waves and maps on playing command. That seems although wired but this technology is the best in all available remote technologies.

One more thing to describe here, muse is a gadget which is best for meditations. This keeps your health by giving you clear indications of mind disturbance. EEG sensors are involved in detection of these disturbances. This is the first time brain control is involved in real world multimedia applications.  It's a big hope that in a few years this technology will have many more applications in other fields of technology.

MindFlix Control Netflix Price?

Same idea for computer interfaces also shows that this idea is not new. In market there are many gadgets for such purposes, which can support this idea. However these solutions still do not enjoy too much popularity among users all around the world. One of the main reasons for this non popularity is because of very high price of EEG waves monitoring device. Muse mind sensing band that is used by Netflix usually costs € 299. This price is bit more for enjoying this technology.

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